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Institute of Addiction Treatment is committed to safeguarding your medical information. This privacy policy explains how we may use and share your medical information. Please read this carefully.

How Institute of Addiction Treatment may use and share your medical information

Below is a list of how we may use and share your health-related information:

  • Improve our site. We may use your personal information for the general use of our website. If you visit our site without registering any personal data, we may collect your non-personal data through cookies which allow us to know how often visitors access our site and which features are most popular.
  • For treatment. We may share your medical information if we believe that the disclosure will help manage your health condition.
  • For our day-to-day medical operations. We may use and disclose your health information for the efficient functioning of the Institute of Addiction Treatment and to ensure that everyone gets the best health care.
  • For payment. We may use and share your information to collect payment for the treatment and service that we provide. If you have health insurance, we may share your information with the insurance company at your request and tell them about the services you will receive to know if the plan will cover the treatment.
  • Send treatment reminders. We may use and disclose your health data to remind you about your medical appointments.
  • To prevent a serious threat. We may use and share your health-related information if we believe the information will help to stop a serious threat to your health or the health of the public.
  • We may use your information to comply with valid legal requirements like the laws, regulations, court orders and subpoenas.
  • Should this website be sold, reorganized, transferred, merged, or consolidated, the Institute of Addiction Treatment may use and disclose the information to another company or companies.
  • To protect the security of our site.

Special Situations

  • Organ donation. If you have stated that you would wish to donate an organ, we may share your health data with institutions that deal with organ transplantation.
  • Worker’s compensation. We may use and disclose your medical information so that you can receive compensation for job-related health problems.
  • Military and veterans. If you are an army officer, we may give out your medical information when requested by command authorities.
  • Institute of Addiction Treatment may disclose your health-related information for medical research, but we may not reveal your identity.

How we may disclose your medical information for public health operations:

Births and deaths records

Manage a health risk

Alert the authorities if an individual has been a victim of domestic violence or any other act that may harm others

Alert people who may be at risk of contracting an illness

Report cases of child abuse

Notify the public of reactions to medications or products they may be consuming

Note that the above disclosures will be made according to the appropriate laws and regulations.

Addiction Treatment

Suppose your treatment at the Institute of Addiction Treatment requires addiction treatment. In that case, your health-related information is safeguarded by the appropriate laws and regulations, and we will share it either with your permission or law requirements. If you do not give us a written authorization, we will not disclose your data, and we will not be able to provide treatment services to you.

Keep in mind that the federal laws and regulations covering substance use treatment do not safeguard details of a criminal act committed by a patient or a member of our programs.

Members’ Rights

Right to change your information

You have the right to request an amendment if you think that the information we have, is faulty or incomplete. To do so, you must notify us by writing and include a reason for the amendment.

Right to Request Restrictions or Limitations

You have the right to limit or restrict how we use or share your medical information for payment and treatment reasons. But Institute of Addiction Treatment will only accept the request if you decide to pay the full amount from your personal funds.

When sending us a restriction or limitation request, please state:

  • What details you wish to limit
  • Whether you want to restrict us from using and sharing your information
  • To whom do you want the restriction to apply. For instance, your financial advisor or family members

Right to know how we disclose your medical information

You have the right to ask for an accounting of the uses and disclosures of your information. To get a list of disclosures, you must provide a written request to the Institute of Addiction Treatment Privacy Officer indicating a period that should not bemore than six years, stating how you would like to receive the list either on paper or electronically.

Privacy Policies Updates

Institute of Addiction Treatment privacy policies will keep on changing from time to time to ensure the effectiveness of our services. Should our policies change, all updates will be posted on this page. We suggest that you keep on checking our website for any amendments.


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